Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super Kaioken!: Throwback: Kel Mitchell X Less Than Jake - "We're All Dudes" Music Video from "Good Burger"

Yo, cuzzos! Today I watched Good Burger for like the trillionth time and it has me feeling all nostalgic so since its getting hot out, I wanted to hit you with this music video that has gotten me through so many summers. It's Kel Mithcell as Ed and Less Than Jake's We're All Dudes, the official anthem of my all- time favorite movie, Good Burger lol. I love this video with a passion! Hot summer day, cute chicks, good people. Who doesn't want that? Peep the video and relive some childhood memories. Stay up, Nickelodeon generation!

New Banner for "The Hangover Part II"

Official Trailer for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2"


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” is the final adventure in the Harry Potter film series. The much-anticipated motion picture event is the second of two full-length parts. In the epic finale, the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world escalates into an all-out war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort. It all ends here.

Trailer for "One Day"

Super Tough!: Replica T800 Brain Chip from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" by Hollywood Collectibles

Mike Tyson's Tattoo Artist Sues the Developers of "The Hangover Part II"

Here's an excerpt from the official report:

When Mr. Whitmill created the Original Tattoo, Mr Tyson agreed that Mr. Whitmill would own the artwork and thus, the copyright in the Original Tattoo. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.—without attempting to contact Mr. Whitmill, obtain his permission, or credit his creation—has copied Mr. Whitmill’s Original Tattoo and placed it on the face of another actor…This unauthorized exploitation of the Original Tattoo constitutes copyright infringement.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Watch Mark Ruffalo Explain The Hulk's Role in "The Avengers"

"He has an interesting thing with Black Widow, actually. And him and Tony Stark are… You know, he’s like the fallen angel version of Tony Stark. He was the renegade professor who was kind of a rebel, arrogant, kind of doing things that were unorthodox. There’s a real admiration between the two of them that’s interesting, and Tony Stark really enjoys the idea of watching this guy turn into The Hulk. So he’s nudging him in an interesting sort of way. There’s a lot of nice, fun play between the two of them."

New Banner for "Green Lantern" Features the Whole Green Lantern Corp

Brand New Poster for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"

Full Trailer for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"


The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are back in action, taking on the evil Decepticons, who are determined to avenge their defeat in 2009’s Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. In this new movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky has to come to the aid of his robot friends. There’s new characters too, including a new villain in the form of Shockwave, a longtime “Transformers” character who rules Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out on Earth.

New Poster for "Sleeping Beauty"


A haunting erotic fairy tale about Lucy, a student who drifts into prostitution and finds her niche as a woman who sleeps, drugged, in a ‘Sleeping Beauty chamber’ while men do to her what she can‘t remember the next morning.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photo of Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight Rises"?? SPOILER ALERT!!

This photo is possibly how Bruce Wayne looks after encountering Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Super Tough!: Deadpool vs. The Hulk

Super Kaioken!: Peep Nice Kicks' Signature Showdown: Best/Worst Sneaker Sequels Part I (Wingmen)

Yo cuzzos! Peep Nice Kicks' Signature Showdown: Best/Worst Sneaker Sequels Part I (Wingmen) where they compare the first and second signature shows of the best two guards a small forwards ever to play the game. They cover players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan and more, while covering sneakers the likes of The adidas Crazy 8s, The Air Jordan IIs and more! This article is crazy so check it out here! And to get your sneaker fix, click here for all the exclusive sneaker news! Be on the lookout for Part2!

New Trailer for "Immortals"

Visionary director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) and producers Gianni Nunnari (300), Mark Canton (300) and Ryan Kavanaugh (The Fighter) unleash an epic tale of treachery, vengeance and destiny in Immortals, a stylish and spectacular 3-D adventure. As a power-mad king razes ancient Greece in search of a legendary weapon, a heroic young villager rises up against him in a thrilling quest as timeless as it is powerful. The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. With ruthless efficiency, Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king's mission. As village after village is obliterated, a stonemason named Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge the death of his mother in one of Hyperion's raids. When Theseus meets the Sybelline Oracle, Phaedra (Freida Pinto), her disturbing visions of the young man's future convince her that he is the key to stopping the destruction. With her help, Theseus assembles a small band of followers and embraces his destiny in a final desperate battle for the future of humanity.

Super Tough!: Guide to Making People Feel Old by Using Movie Release Dates

New Red Band Trailer for "Bridesmaids"

New Theatrical Trailer and Poster for "X-Men: First Class"

Super Tough!: Twitter/ Simpsons Parody

Super Tough!: Cool Posters for "The Wire" by Tim Doyle

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sixth Wall Lists 10 TV Spin-Offs That Rivaled the Original

Click here for the complete list!! There are some shows here that you would never guess were spin offs!

Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

Top Ten Most Paused Movie Moments:

1. Sharon Stone crossing her legs - Basic Instinct (1992) - 31 percent
2. Jennifer Lopez naked - The Back-Up Plan (2010) - 16 percent
3. Stormtrooper bangs his head - Star Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) - 15 percent
4. Jamie Lee Curtis flash - Trading Places (1983) - 8 percent
5. Jessica Rabbit goes commando - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) - 6 percent
6. Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital - Fight Club (1999) - 5 percent
7. Captain America's shield appears on desk - Iron Man 2 (2010) - 4 percent
8. Dust spells out 'S.E.X' - The Lion King (1994) - 3 percent
9. Pac-Man Cameo - Tron (1982) -2 percent
10. Nicole Kidman flash - Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - 1 percent

Super Tough!: Steve Jobs Carbonite iPhone Case

Super Tough!:Steve Buscemi Eyes

New IMAX Poster for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

New Photos of Sentinel Prime from "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"

Entertainment Weekly Lists the 38 Most Unforgettable Nude Scenes

Click here for the complete list.

Super Tough!: New Street Piece by Banksy

Empire Magazine Explores WETA’s Visual Effects in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"

Super Tough!: Geek Speed Dating

Super Tough!: 8 Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI

Cracked lists 8 Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI.

Super Tough!: Throwback: "Batman Forever" McDonald's Glass Commericial

The Gadgets: Oakley 3D Gascan Eyewear - “The World’s First Optically Correct 3D Glasses”

Super Tough!: "Finding Nemo" Cake by Custom Cakes

Super Tough!: Vintage Looking Fan Made Poster for "Inception"

Super Kaioken!: Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Andre Iguodala “Playoffs” PEs

Super Kaioken!: Spike Lee DebutsHis Blue Jordan Spizike "Knicks" PEs

First Look at Jake Gyllenhaal in "End of Watch"


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