Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super Tough!: C-3PO and R2-D2 in UK TV Ad

First Look at Sean Penn in "This Must Be The Place"

Super Tough!: "Ben Kenobi: Private Jedeye"

First Look at Dr. Suess' "The Lorax"

First Look at "Jinn"

Super Tough!: Slasher Showdown Infograph

Trailer for "Brother's Justice" Starring Dax Shepard

Suit Concept for Tim Burton's "Superman Lives"

New Featurettes for "Unstoppable" Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine

Trailer for "Ice"

Super Tough!: Luxuxry Lane Soap Movie Soaps

Photos, Banner and Trailer for "Everything Must Go"

The Gadgets: "Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare" Weapons Trailer

Official Openeing Credits for "The Walking Dead"

Super Tough!: Horror Movie Villain Face Off Infograph

Super Tough!: "Trick 'R Treat" Poster by Mondo

Official Banner and ET Set Footage for "Transformers: Dark of The Moon

Newest Poster for "Monsters"

2 New Character Images and Clip from NBC's "The Cape"

International Trailer for "Blitz" Starring Jason Statham

First Poster for "Tranformers: Dark of The Moon"

Super Tough!: "Terminator" and "Back to the Future" Animated Mash-up

Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Tough!: Pumpkin Deathstar Destroys a Pumpkin Alderaan

Trailer and Promo Poster for "Sanctum" by Produced James Cameron

Super Tough!: Map That Shows Which Movie Best Represents Each State

Super Tough!: "Star Trek" Art That Features All The Captains

Super Tough!: The Original Darth Vader Movie Costume is For Sale

The seller had this to say:

An exceptionally rare Darth Vader costume comes up for sale next month and is expected to fetch as much as 230,000 pounds ($365,000), auctioneer Christie's said on Wednesday.

The main components of the 1980 costume, including the helmet and mask, are considered to have been production-made for "The Empire Strikes Back," the second of the "Star Wars" series to be released, Christie's added.

"While there are limited public records of the costumes produced and used for the first Star Wars trilogy, the helmet, mask and shoulder armor from the present example have a provenance leading back to the film studios around the time of production," Christie's said.

Super Tough!: Lego- Style Marvel, DC, and Dr. Who Art

Exclusive "Captain America" Images from Entertainment Weekly

Watch the First 5 Minutes of "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead - Opening Five Minutes Episode 1
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Tough!: Limited Edition "Tron: Legacy" Oakley 3D Glasses

These 3D Glasses will be available in November and can be used to watch any 3D film, but they cost $150!! Yea, I don't know about that.


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