From Drexel freshman to Temple sophomore, Inhuman Torch (Mr. Hadouken or Lucid) is the creator of the Super Hadouken Entertainment Blog and a founding member of the Goodfellas Music Group. He is absolutely obsessed with anything involving film, TV, comic books and sneakers. He also designs all logos and designs for the blog, engineers all of his music and designs all of his album covers. For any inquiries involving graphic design work, blogging, or musical booking his email is Kings2107@aol.com. He can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter.

Mz Lola (or Mz Lola) complements the SH Entertainment Blog with her passion for sneakers, music and fashion. She heads the Super Kaioken section of the blog, providing in-depth sneaker and music posts. She was also featured on Lucid's Mixtape, Collegekid Sean. She can also be reached for inquiries on Twitter.


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