Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tim Kring Speaks on the Cancellation of Heroes

Tim Kring addresses the cancellation:

"I want to first extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the legion of enthusiastic fans who have watched ‘Heroes’ on TV, online, DVR, DVD and mobile over the last four seasons. Every week more than 45 million TV viewers around the world, as well as millions of social and digital media-based fans, have made ‘Heroes’ one of the five most-watched shows across traditional and digital media screens in the history of television. For NBC, I certainly understand the challenge of creating a business model around a show which arrived precisely as the audience was finding new ways to watch traditional content on multiple screens. I personally have had 12 great years with my friends at NBC, and with ‘Heroes,’ they provided me a rare opportunity to put a message of hope, interconnectivity and global consciousness into the world. For that I am grateful and look forward to finalizing our discussion about a number of ways to keep the ‘Heroes’ universe alive for its fans."

I, for one, am a loyal fan of the Heroes series. I have stuck with and will continue to stick with the show so I'm hoping that it ends in an epic fashion or continues on a different network. When I heard about the way NBC was canceling it despite the bad hand the series was dealt with the writers' strike, I was furious. Hopefully it live up to its unlimited potential in the future.

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