Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Kaioken!: Heineken Makes Sneakers???

Some people achieve the most - well, while they're intoxicated. That is definitely the case for these GOURMET x HEINEKEN  Quatro C's.

These CLEANNN black, spill resistant (important for those crazy all nighters), bushed cotton, white soled/laced sneakers are THE ANSWER to the party shoe dilemma. Which explains why the two hooked up in the first place. There is a definite need for fresh, STABLE, party wear to get a little liq'ed up and crazy in. For that reason Gourmet's Quatro C's got drunk with a little Heineken love (i.e Green heel tape, and Heineken translucent logo at the ankles) and produced one super tough sneaker.

Stay up and Stay Fly

P.S. Check out some of Gourmet's stuff, after seeing these I hit the website and I Love it... Look out for the "Uno D-Rings," the "Nove,"
and "Dieci" sneakers.  (click the names for links)

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