Monday, January 2, 2012

Gone Wallace's Top 5 TV Shows of 2011!

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5. South Park
South Park continues to be the best animated show on television right now. Its mixture of comedy and satirical content is unmatched.

4. Entourage
It aired its final season in 2011 and it will be missed. One of the best shows to ever air on HBO. There will never be another Entourage.

3. Community
One of the funniest shows on television. Not only does this show have phenomenal writing and creativity, but it stars one of my favorite rappers, Donald Glover AKA childish Gambino

2. The Walking Dead
A very close second on this list. This show has improved so much from the first season. That's saying a lot because the first season was great. AMC is definitely surpassing every other cable network at this point. If you have not seen Season 2 of The Walking Dead, your life is incomplete.

1. Breaking Bad
Hands down the BEST show on television right now! This is the ultimate drama. Every episode of the latest season will have you on the edge of you seat and waiting impatiently for more. The story is amazing, the acting is unsurpassed. This show has it all! If you have not seen it, I feel sorry for your mother!

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