Thursday, January 5, 2012

Super Tough!: Posters from Some of the Year's Action and Comedy Films Get a Classy Make Over

More posters after the jump!

Artist Note:

The Oscars are looming on the horizon, frightening studios into releasing their prestige pictures; hence an influx of 'serious' films like The Iron Lady, J. Edgar and The Artist. Their posters are elegant and striking. "Mute those colours!" yell the designers. "Fancy up that font!" You can spot an Oscar-grab a mile off. They usually say 'Clint Eastwood' on the poster.

This is all well and good for serious dramas, but how does the humble action movie get noticed? Here's what I propose: take your gun-toting, vampire-slaying, universe-saving heroes and slap them on a classy-ass poster to grab the attention of the cinephiles. Look how easy it is...

Props to Geek Tyrant!

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