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Mark Ruffalo Discusses Filming "The Avengers" and a Possible Solo Hulk Movie!

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Ruffalo has this to say:

On His Vision Of Bruce Banner:

Yeah, it's hard to watch a movie with a guy who doesn't want to be there. I think Banner's aging and living with this thing since -- now it's been two years since his last "one." We're kind of going for this world weariness of accepting -- trying to get to the point where he can live with it, and maybe master it. Come to peace with it. And so there's this kind of nice ironic wryness to Banner. He's not sulking and miserable, you know. I think that's sort of a throwback -- we had talked about it being a throwback to Bill Bixby, which was the Banner that I grew up on basically. He had kind of a charm about him, and this world weariness. He was on the run, but he was still able to flirt sometimes and smile sometimes, and occasionally he'd crack a joke. When you have a movie where there's so many characters you end up getting about 10 minutes screen time with your particular character. So in the screen time that we have we're trying to bring out this charm in him, and maybe this idea that he wants to be a superhero. I mean, he looks at Stark and he's like, "That's the dude who did what I was intending to do. He's the model. He made it work." So Banner and Stark have a very cool relationship in the movie.

On The Hulk Speaking:

He Does. As of this moment, I am. But you never know what they're going to do. They might watch it and go, "Oh my god!" Yeah, he's a smart Hulk. He hasn't graduated to that yet, but hopefully he might be on the way to that. I don't know where it's gonna go after this, but there's definitely -- I feel like we're trying to open the door to integration of the two. I liken it [to] the guy who tried to break a bucking Bronco. He has some tiny little semblance of control of it, but then again it's completely out of control. That's what the last one left off, I felt like.

On Whether He'd Be Interested In A Solo Hulk Movie:

Why not! It was the one character -- you know, I was a comic book fan when I was a kid and I always loved the Hulk. When The Incredible Hulk, that show, came on, I would not miss that. And so if I was going to find myself in that world, this would be the guy that I would be most interested in doing. To make a very short answer long: Yeah, I'd love to have him do his own movie.

On Bruce Banner meeting Steve Rodgers for the First Time, as that have a history of Super Soldier Serum:

We don't really get to see that moment. We kind of hop over that, but there is a history there.

His Thoughts on 3D movies:

Um, fad? A cool fad? I don't know, I'm into this whole 4D thing -- have you heard about 4D? That sounds cool for this kind of movie. I don't know, it's fun to watch a 3D movie, but I don't know. I have no idea what's gonna happen with 3D. It seems to be like every few years we roll up something like Smell-O-Rama...

On if He's talked to any of the Previous Hulk actors:

I actually called Ed because I'm friends with Ed and wanted it to be copacetic. I didn't want to step on his feet. He bequeathed it to me, and we had a joke that it's our generation's Hamlet. We're all gonna get a crack at it.

On his first day of Filming wih the Team:

Yeah, and I was like, "Where's my costume man, this sucks!" They all looked dope and ripped up, and I'm there in a not very flattering linen suit. But I was thinking, "Wow, here's the team and here I am -- a total outsider." But I think that really works for Banner, and I think it really works for Banner in this particular story.

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