Friday, February 24, 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen Has Been Banned from the Oscars!

Deadline reports that Sacha Baron Cohen has been banned from the Academy Awards even though, he is one of the stars from the nominated film, Hugo.

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“Unless they’re assured that nothing entertaining is going to happen on the Red Carpet, the Academy is not admitting Sacha Baron Cohen to the show,” Paramount stated. The Academy’s Managing Director Of Membership Kimberly Rouch spoke to Paramont’s awards staff to say "Baron Cohen’s tickets had been pulled unless he gives the Academy assurances ahead of time promising not to show up on the Red Carpet in costume and not to promote the movie on the Red Carpet. The Academy made it clear that, without those assurances, it would not issue him the tickets."

Deadline's Nikki Fink had to say:

"Loosen up, people. Frankly, the Academy looks like uptight wankers with this treatment of one of the globe’s funniest comedians. The Academy merely had to say no when that proposal was presented to it. Everyone involved in the ceremony was adamantly against it on the grounds that it makes a mockery of what Hollywood considers its most prestigious event. Instead, the Academy clearly wants another overly long, ridiculously reverential show about movies no one bothered to see where the best thing about the telecast will be the comeback of popular host Billy Crystal at age 63."

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