Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Under the Radar

Yo, cuzzo. These are some albums that came out this week. These jawns got very little promotion but they are super tough:

1. Crime Pays - Cam'ron 4.5/5

Cam really came back hard on this jawn. His beats are oh so correct and even his lyrics and hooks are aiight. Its hot all the way through. He got some producers I've never heard of that are insane. (Skitzo, I.N.F.O and Nova). Tracks like "Woo Hoo", "Silky", "Got it For Cheap", and "Spend the Night" got me wonderin' why did Jimmy and Juelz leave?

2. Philadelphia Freeway 2 - Freeway 2/5

Aiight this new Freeway is kinda sorry. He released it independently (apart fom RocaFella) and you can really tell. The beats are soft and generic and although Free's lyrics are tough as usual, I could hardly tell.

3. Relapse - Eminem 2.5/5

Em's anticipated return was kind of a disappointment. A few tracks like "Underground", "Old Times Sake" and "My Mom" are aiight but overall the album seems like a joke. It definently wasn't 8 Mile.

4. Blackout 2 - Method Man and Redman 4.5/5
This jawn was tuff. Meth and Red came outta nowhere with this one. The beats are rediculous and the album is really diverse. Its not just a bunch of bangers. Its got some smooth tracks that are just as hot. Some hot tracks : "Mrs. International", "I Know Somethin", "How Bout That" and "A-Yo." Definently cop it.

5. Back on My BS- Busta Rhymes 5/5
This new Busta is hott. The beats are right and Busta's flow meshes with them really well. Its hot all the way through. No filler at all. The appearance from Mike Epps was genius. "Imma Go and Get My..." is by far the best Busta Rymes track I've ever heard! Its so tough and if you're a Mike Epps fan, you'll love that jawn. Cop up on the album.


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