Saturday, May 23, 2009


Aiight so I finally saw the Wolverine movie and it was good. I really liked it. It kept me interested and entertained for the whole hour and a half so I'm content about the 10 bones it cost lol. But yeah the action sequences were crazy, the CGI was on point and Hugh Jackman was a boss. He busted sooooo much ass. It was redic.

My mans Ryan Reynolds shut it down as Deadpool. He was absolutely insane. Gambit... smh was a beast. They did him correct in this movie.

Even Sabretooth was on point. There were a lot of cameos. I dont want to tell you everybody that was in it but it had Blob, Cyclops, and Emma Frost, just to name a few. This movie was really hot and not once was I bored. Marvel is definently on their job with these movies. Peep it. Dueces.

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