Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy Ass Red Band Trailer for "The Raid"!! Best Trailer I've Seen All Year!

Here are some reviews of the film:

Firstshowing says - "Holy shit I haven't seen an action movie this good in years! I felt that way only 30 minutes in, but after the full 100 minutes, I still felt the same and had to exclaim that here, right upfront, because it deserves that much praise."

THR says - "Quite simply, this movie is a whole mess of bone-crunching, face-pummeling, throat-slicing and fist-pounding awesomeness. The midnight screening had people cheering, wincing and shaking their heads in disbelief."

Bloody Disgusting says - "The Raid does everything right, and is so incredibly self-aware in its awesomeness that I envision the filmmakers jacking off to their own movie (I would too). If you’re expecting a kick to the head, instead you should probably expect 42 kicks to the teeth, a roundhouse, 362 punches to the ribs and then two broken legs. The Raid is ultra-cinema, the highest octane of energy you’ll ever see on the big screen. It’s a rush that’s only side effect is withdrawal – and the only fix is to see it again."

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