Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bronson Red Band Trailer

Yo, cuzzo. So I just happen to stumble onto this trailer for the new British film called Bronson. It was released a few months ago but its just recently reaching the US.

It centers around a boy named Michael Peterson who is sentenced to 7 yrs in prison after he attempts to rob a post office. His sentenced steadily increases as he commits prison crime after prison crime, earning him the title of "the most violent prisoner in Britain."

This movie looks super tough. The craziest thing is that this is based on a TRUE STORY! Michael Peterson aka Charles Bronson is still in prison to this day! Read this guy's bio and I guarantee that you will be as excited as I am about this if not more excited [Charles Bronson Bio]. This dude is outta control! I am seeing this movie within the week and if its as good as I know it'll be, I'll post a Late Review on it. The movie poster above looks epic and the Red Band trailer below looks insane. Tell me what you think.

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