Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green Lantern Updates

Aiight, cuzzo. The Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds has run into its first set of problems. The movie has a pretty huge budget of about 150 million and they were scheduled to start shooting in Australia in January, but due to the inflation and economic problems in Australia, shooting there would really blow through production costs.

So, what this means is Warner Bros. has two options: 1. Shoot in Australia anyway and make cutbacks on other parts of the production like CGI for instance. I'm sure Australia is a beautiful place and all but do we want Warner Bros' next superhero movie to look cheap visually like GI Joe or visually stunning like Transformers?

Or 2. They could film somewhere else and use that huge budget to turn the Green Lantern franchise into a success like The Dark Knight. I'm sure Warner Bros. will make the right choice. What do y'all think? That's about but I will be following production closely so stay up.

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