Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Neil Blomkamp Talks Halo Movie and District 10

Aiight, cuzzo. Director Neil Blomkamp recently did an interview to talk about his very successful summer blockbuster, District 9 and he gets into the subject of the Halo movie, Peter Jackson and a possible District 9 sequel- or as he calls it District 10.

This interview has me really excited for more project from Blomkamp, escpecially a District 9 sequel so definitely listen to it and tell me what y'all think. [Neil Blomkamp Interview]

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  1. They're comin out with a halo movie now.

    What else is interesting is that this movie was a 30mil budget, 5 less than the Hangover. The story was original (not based on a book or a videogame, nor was it a remake). This could be the movie that pushes more syfy/game type movies.



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